Leveraging Your Online Content is Easy

Leveraging Your Content Online – 1 – 6

Having your content leveraged into multiple formats is essential for 2 main reasons:

  1. Search Engines Change Algorithms
  2. Different People Want to Consume Content in Different Formats

Search engines are continuously changing their algorithms on a weekly or sometimes even on a daily basis.  What is one day might be out the next.

If video content is the flavor of the week, then you want your content in video format and if pdf’s become the rage, then you want your content in pdf format.

And because the internet gives you access numerous people from around the world, having your content in multiple formats assures you are offering each person whatever type of content they prefer.

So how do you create six types of content from only one piece of content for little too no money?

Before we begin, there are a number of free tools you need to download and install on your computer.

A very useful tool to create screen capture images is SnappaShot.  You can resize the window to any size you like and create some professional looking images to insert into slides and documents.

Then Download a copy of BullZip.  This allows you to create secured PDF’s of any word documents or PowerPoints you create.  It loads as a print driver, so just click “file/print” and change the printer to the bullzip print driver before printing.  It will load a window which gives you access to a number of customization tabs, including “security”

You should download copies of Camstudio, Audacity and Any Video Converter.

  • Camstudio allows you to create screen capture videos.
  • Audacity is an easy to use audio recording and audio file mixing tool
  • Any Video Converter is easy to use conversion software that allows you to create multiple file formats, which is really cool!

So I won’t get bogged down in teaching you how to use all of these tools in this post, because this post is about creating the over-all plan.  The tools are the details…

This is the way I do it, but you may create a different system for yourself.

First I start with creating something in either .doc (Word) or .ppt (PowerPoint) format; preferably both.  If you don’t own a copy of MS Office, you can use the free presentation tools in Star Office or Google Office tools.

Once I have the primary content in written format, I use that content in my next newsletter.  This goes out to my list first, so they see the content before anyone else, but because it’s in email format, it has not yet been indexed by the search engines.  First piece of content…

So I then use that same content, with a few minor revisions of verbs and context, and create an article to submit to Ezine Articles.  Second piece of content…

Once the article has been approved, I then publish that article to my blog and get credit as the author.  Third piece of content…

While I’m waiting for the article to be approved, which takes up to a week or more, I record a video or an audio or both.  But I learned a trick!

If you use the screen video capture tool to record a voice-over video, where your voice can be heard while you flick through PowerPoint slides and records both the slides moving and your voice at the same time, then you simply use the conversion software to create an MP3 audio file from the video file.  Fourth and fifth pieces of content…

So I now have 5 different pieces of content created from my original piece of content, which covers the two components already mentioned; finicky search engines and even more finicky consumers.

And if you have two or more websites promoting your business, you can obviously use this content on those sites, while giving credit and links back to the original content!  Sixth or more piece of content…

But, possible even more importantly, you’ve created at least 6 back links to your online brand through the article directory (2 links), YouTube, the podcast MP3, the blog post and the newsletter with links.

All of this activity will bring you more traffic as well as leveraging your time, content and online branding!

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