Welcome to Quantum Publishing

Quantum Publishing is dedicated to every person on the planet who has ever dreamed about writing, creating and producing their own book, song or movie!

As a self-published author of two books so far, I decided to start writing about the experience, and highlight some things which may not be so obvious to anyone just getting started with the process of writing and getting your work published.

I’m focusing on the self-publishing side of things first, then will add more content related to the actual process of writing in future posts.

This sticky post is my about page, if you’re wondering why that is missing…;)

For this site, I’ve pulled content – all written by me -  from various places both on and off the internet, to give you some great content to get started with.

Please take some time to read through these posts, articles and videos I found to be very helpful.

You’ll find articles on book production, music and song production, and video production.

Learn everything about book, CD and DVD production here…;)

Cheers and get started writing now!

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