Why You Should Have a Profile Online

Having an Online Profile is a Necessity

What is an Online Profile?

The first aspect of an online profile is found in the search engine results when people search on your name or your company’s name.

In internet marketing speak, the results from doing a search are called SERP’s (search engine results pages) and a successful profile will provide numerous results when searched.

The search results you see when searching on your primary keywords are different then when searching on your company’s name.

When optimizing for keywords, you’re hoping to get the pages from your website found first, but when analyzing your online profile, you’ll be looking for sites other than yours who are promoting or linking to your content.

As of the day I wrote this, if you search on Quantum SEO Solutions, all 10 of the search results are either my own website’s pages, or some other reference to the company like LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you search for my name, Curtis Chappell, I pretty much own the first 5 pages of SERPS, and get trickled links as far as 12 pages out.

I’ve been purposefully building my online profile for the past 18 months.

So how do you build an online profile?

You have to create content all the time!

You need to set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others depending on your niche.

You need to blog!  And Blog….and blog…and blog….it needs to be a habit!

You need to make some videos and upload them to YouTube and put then on your blog.

You need to add fresh content to your primary website.

You need to join professional groups and meet-ups.

You need to write an article and post it to an article directory like ezinearticles.com.

You need to add your details to as many online business directories as is appropriate for your business.

Did I Mention You Need to Have a Blog?

The whole point here is to make yourself an online authority in your niche…you WANT to be found!

So there is a list to use to get started….do one thing each day!

It all starts with getting started, so build your brand and profile online…most of it is free!

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